Why the Hospitality Industry Needs Managed Cleaning Services

Hiring professional and reliable managed cleaning services is a necessity for all businesses and organisations in order to maintain the hygiene and sanitation of a work place. The hospitality industry in particular has to meet strict criteria, both in the eyes of hygiene professionals and also paying customers. This industry is biggest in larger cities – hotel cleaning in London is in huge demand due to the number of tourists that visit annually. Restaurant cleaning in London is vital due to regular visits from local councils, who have the power to shut down a business if standards aren’t being met.

Managers of hotels and restaurants feel the necessity to employ cleaning contractors to help keep their premises neat and clean. These businesses want to uphold their professional image, maintaining good sanitation for employees and customers alike. The recent outbreak of swine flu has brought commercial cleaning services  this issue to the forefront of people’s attention.

Managed cleaning services play a crucial role in maintaining the clean standards in some of the most common bacteria accumulating areas such as toilets, kitchens and floors. High speed polishing, waxing, irradiation and biohazard disposal are some of the specialised forms of cleaning that they use to accomplish the job and make the area clean.

Finding reliable managed cleaning services is not that easy in view of the aforementioned increasing competition in the cleaning industry. Obviously, customers should judge them on the quality of cleaning and of course the cost, but also on the experience and services that are provided. One important thing to mention is that not all managed cleaning services provide insurance for items that might get damaged during the cleaning process. Although this is an extremely rare occurrence, those companies that do provide insurance give business owners piece of mind and another reason to use their services.

The best of these companies provide window cleaners, as the state of the windows gives customers an immediate impression on the cleanliness of a hotel or restaurant. Kitchen night cleaners are also useful so as not to interrupt the flow of business during the day. They require technical knowledge in order to know how to strip and rebuild machinery after cleaning. As well as the obvious benefit of preventing bacteria and food contamination, well maintained kitchen equipment will also last longer.


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