Paleolithic Vs Modern Diet

Genetically congruent diet to a healthy living

There are certain nutrients which are genetically essential to bring about healthy living. These essential nutrients need to be supplied to the body in-spite of the highly modern lifestyle changes to cope-up with good health.

Moreover, understanding the concept of a genetically congruent lifestyle aids in following a genetically congruent diet.

There are three points to understand the concept of a genetically congruent lifestyle:

1. Humans are genetically programmed for health.

2. Human body has specific genetic needs that must be provided by the lifestyle choices.

3. Lifestyle choices that don’t support human genetic needs limit the health potential and promote weakness and chronic diseases.

Modern diets do not go along with our genetic requirements.

Avant-garde diet for antique genes

The genome of humans is still not genetically adapted to the modern diet of today. There has been a great dietary divergence since the agricultural revolution and this has been accelerating in recent decades.

With the advent of agriculture the dietary regimen also shifted thus allowing consumption of large amounts of grain, milk, and domesticated meat. This was followed by the Industrial Age (about 200 years ago) from when whole grains and sugar were refined. This massive shift form fresh foods to more processed foods has got us down to where we stand today-The age of modern fast foods and modern diseases. genetic diet

The less we follow our ancestor’s diet, the more we are exposed to chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, obesity and stroke.

Modern foods; Modern illness

Our ancestors were generally leaner, fit and were free of most chronic diseases. This was mainly because of their food habit which was an unprocessed, fresh and natural. Moreover they moved vigorously and daily.

Our genes are still in concurrency with that of hunter-gatherers and we are hunter-gatherers who never hunt and gather.

Our body the most complicated and majestic machine is now put on the wrong working process. As a result, the machine tends to break-down at a faster rate. This leads to an array of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Modern Diet-Undermining human health

Over time, poor eating habits can affect your weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, insulin regulation, emotional health and your immune system reaping a bitter harvest such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, liver failure, kidney problems and other diseases.



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