Amazing Ideas for Huge Wall Clocks In Your Kitchen

One idea for an inexpensive, huge wall clock would be a projection clock. These clocks show up in the day with a faint glow but their really designed shows up in the dark. With a digital laser display box, you can choose from many different designs or custom design your own. You will probably have to stick to the standard colors that lasers are offered in but the range of colors offered becomes wider every day.

These clocks are not merely projections; they actually tell the time and can display moving second and minute hands as well. They can display dates and even your favorite saying of the day. If you’re going to spend the money for custom designs, go crazy.

Antique styled clocks are reminiscent of tower clocks like Big Ben. They are usually intricately designed and well over two thousand dollars. They come in fine filigree and vine bent metallic patterns. The classic faceplates range in style from European to American designs.

Huge gear clocks are all the rage lately. These interesting timekeepers are usually a combination of different sizes of interacting gears and other moving parts. They basically look like a clock that shows just its inner working parts. These giant clocks come in a variety of designs and finishes form rusted metal to modern chic. Horloge Murale Originale 

As far as huge wall clocks go, hand display clocks are an interesting touch to any room. The clock mechanism is installed with its gear box hidden inside the wall, with only its gear shaft protruding from the walls surface. The cock is wired to your electric cables for its power. The giant hands are fixed to the shaft and the hour markers can be hung in a circular pattern on the wall behind the giant hands.

Giant sand clocks make quite a spectacle. The clocks are usually constructed from Plexiglas and filled with colored sand. The clock rotates one hundred and eighty degrees every twelve hours and has markings on the Plexiglas to denote the passage of time. These interesting clocks come in many different exciting shapes. You can find them in classic figure eight designs to more modern cylinder like designs.

Big water clocks are all about movement. These huge wall clocks tell the time by heating and cooling the water temperatures, depending on the hours of the day. They resemble a thermometer and have little floating glass markers filled with mercury to denote the current hour. These are not the most accurate clocks but they do a fair job for how abstract they are.

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